USB WD and External Hard drive Problem (USB)

Hi good day, please help me to solve my unusual problem with my new pc. This is my

1. Last night i install Win Xp Sp3 in my new pc, a clean install then i tried to plug my wD my Passport 320gb portable hard drive to install my save software like antivirus, itunes etc.., i tried it many times and it works perfectly suddenly i think 4th time i plug my portable hard drive, it did recognized it by my pc, but my pc hangs and all i have to do is to force restart it. Then a couple of restart and still no luck my portable hard drive
hangs my Xp.

2. So i try, i had another external hard drive the one that have a case sold separately (USB).Try to plug it then my pc recognized it again and my pc dont hang and i see also the green arrow key near the time but the hard drive wont show in my computer and also in disk management. I try safely remove it and it did, a couple of plug, restart, plug and luck.

3. I try my Ipod 80gb, camera, flash drive and also memory card reader hub it works perfectly, so i don't know why my portable hard drive and external hard drive wont work.

4. Sometimes my Ipod wont work it just recognized it because of the green arrow key but when i restart my pc. It works fine.

I do..

A. I try my portable hard drive (WD) and external hard drive in my other pc same OS and almost the same Mobo and specs because i just buy it in the last 6 months and it works perfectly and so i conclude that my other pc is my problem not my storage devices.


1. Why it is when i plug my portable hard drive (WD) my pc hangs but when external hard drive it did not hang?,It is possible because of some included software of portable hard drive (WD) my pc hangs.?

2. It is possible that my system is corrupted?but why is it it works with my other usb devices works fine?

3. Help me please i'm sick with this problem.

Sorry for my bad english hope you understand, Advance thanks to all for help and advice hope i can fix this thing without any format and reinstall again.

New Pc Specs(The Problem One):

Intel Core 2 Duo E7400
3gb ram
asus p5klp-am SE mobo
geforce 9400gt
win xp sp3


6 months old PC specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E7300
3gb ram
asus p5kpl-am mobo
geforce 8500gt
win xp sp3
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  1. It sounds like a software issue. TEST in between. REBOOT as needed.

    1) Make sure all Windows Updates are completed.

    2) Remove the drivers for all USB devices.

    3) Unhook any USB devices not currently needed.

    4) Install the latest USB drivers for mouse and keyboard.

    5) Reinstall the main driver set for your motherboard.

    6) Insert your USB drive and install mass storage drivers if prompted.

    Get a copy of Windows 7 RC and install it to a different hard drive. Leave your current one uninstalled. You shouldn't need to install ANYTHING else. If you get things working here it's a problem with the software in XP which means your hardware works fine.
  2. thanks for your help, but i think i found that the Nero Essentials 8 is the one that conflict my usb devices after i cancel start up of some Nero Application on my msconfig, my problem was solve but still i observe it. hopefully i already solve this problem.
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