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I recently moved cities and unfortunately my graphics card didn't survive it. I'm now looking for a new one (probably an 8800 GT or GTS (G92)) but I'm a bit undecided on what manufacturer to choose. My old card was an evga but I've had sometrouble with it so I might want to try another brand.

The two brands I'm mainly choosing between (because of price) are Asus and BFG, which one would be the better option in your opinion?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Oh, one more thing. I found an eVga 9800gtx (OC) for about 50€ more than the 8800GTS. Is it worth it? (
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  1. I'd go with a 8800GTS unless you are limited by your budget then start to drop down to something you can afford. To me the cost to go to the 9800GTX isn't worth it unless you have the money to burn. The 8800GTS will overclock WAY past the stock clock of the 9800GTX, but the memory on the GTS is basically limited to the stock speed or slightly higher. I believe the 9800GTX has better memory. Other than that there are a few little features that you will probably never use like tri-sli.

    8800GTS is the best buy
    They are all basically the same card, its just a reference card sold by different manufacturers. Some offer games with them and extra adapters, better warranties and what not. What are the best priced GTS's avaliable to you?
  2. XFX is a good brand, with a good warranty.
  3. Yeah I like XFX... eVGA is right there next to them. Other brands are just as good but may not carry the warranties or other support items.
  4. Ok, thanks for the replies.

    I managed to find an 9800gtx (from bfg) for only ca 20€ more that the 8800gts, would the 8800gts still be the way to go or is the 9800 worth it? (ie. if you disregard price)
  5. not sure what 20€ equates to in USD but there is a slight stock vs stock performance difference and the 9800GTX will overclock higher than a 800GTS can OC. The difference isn't all that much but if ther cost isn't alot different I'd take a 9800GTX any day. The difference in the US is about $80-$100 difference between the two.
  6. 20€ is ca $30. I found an eVga 9800GTX OC that was even cheaper than most 8800GTS so I went with that one (and might step up when the next line is released in July).
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