Reducing Temps with pics ;)

Well lets start off with the setup

CoolerMaster Cosmos S
e6700 : 3.6ghz 1.45v
CPU Cooler : Swiftech h20-120 compact
Evga 8800 Ultra Superclocked
Abit aw9dmax

Heres are some pics
CPU temps are ~ 25 idle

I have 7 fans in total atm

2 front intake ( low rpm )
1 rear intake for watercooler
1 side intake 200mm ( low rpm)
2 top exhaust ( fast )
and a fan on top of 8800 heatsink blowing air towards the card

Ive changed the TIM on the 8800 to as5 and only took about 2 degrees off , and adding the fan on the back took absolutley noting off the GPU core but about 5 off PCB. Would it be better to turning that fan around and blowing air away? Basically i want to know whats the best way to set up the fans around the case for best cooling , dont care about noise levels. Should i have more intake than exhaust etc.
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  1. I would suggest mounting the fan to blow air directly over the side of the card and where it can be pulled in by the GPU fan. If possible, it would be best to be pulling outside air directly in, such as a side port fan.
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