What is the best LGA775 Heatsync, Using Air Cooling?


I am sure that there are a lot of opinions on this, and I've been browsing the forums trying to find a common consensus with regards to what the best 775 Air cooler would be.

I was thinking of the Swiftech MCX775-V CPU Heatsink - Rev. 3. Swiftechs reputation is great, I own/have owned a number of other products from them which have been excellent. Benefit to using this is it is pre-lapped at the factory to levels that probably home lapping would not be able to obtain.
"Exceptional quality and attention to details: the heatsink base is lapped to 0.0003" (3/10 of 1/1000"), and polished to near-mirror finish to promote optimum thermal conductivity."

Pair up that heatsync with a high quality fan and I would think it could be great, but seeing what the community thinks. Have not seen any recent reviews comparing this heatsync to newer ones, but reviews from a year and a half back and beyond this HS always showed the swiftech beating out competition.

Link to swifttech HS page:
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  1. Check this out:


    I got one that I didn't research very well, it works OK. Had I read this site I would have been better off. The top rated coolers on this site are very consistent with folks around here, from what I've seen.
  2. ^+1. My vote goes to the XIGMATEK S1283 + bolt in kit or the TRUE 120 if you can afford it. Swiftech is a very good manufacture, but I find their water cooling (GTZ FTW!) equipment is better than their air cooling stuff.
  3. Well....... I was going to suggest taking a look at the frostytech web site but festerovic beat me to it.
  4. Well from what I've read the Tuniq Tower 120 is a pretty safe bet, I'm considering some upgrades in September one of which is a Q6600 and a new HSF to go with it (to replace a very reliable and capable Arctic Freezer Pro 7). My options are

    - Tuniq Tower 120
    - Noctua NH-U12P and
    - ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 Premium

    I'm the kind of builder who likes his cake and expects to eat it, so I want to overclock my CPU and I expect my HSF to be able to handle the overclock and do it quietly at the same time so in that regard I'm leaning towards the Noctua due to the excellent fan design.

    To be honest there are lots of good HSF's on the market and there's not a lot of difference between performance HSF's (prehaps a few degrees) so what ever you buy I doubt you'll be disappointed.
  5. JeanLuc - Quite correct! A temp difference of 1 to 3 degrees will not make any difference. Temp readings that close actually give people more choices.
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