Thinking of first build-please advise

Thinking of making my first build.... going for good price/performance and ability to upgrade. not overly concerned in overclocking since this is my first build and I am mostly concerned with making it work. May want to dabble a little in the future though. Here is what I've come up with so far.

thanks for your input
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  1. I'd probably go with a p35 mobo instead of the nVidia based mobo's. The nVidia mobo's of recent seem to have some issues. The p35 based mobo's have been good and will still be good for quite some time. I'd look at Gigabyte DS3L/DS3R, Abit IP35-e/IP35, Asus p5k se/p5k series mobo's. They all OC well and are solid. They are also cheaper than the $150 you have budgeted for your mobo. DS3L/IP35-e/p5k se are all around the $100 mark. I'd use the extra $25-50 savings on the mobo and upgrade the GPU to the 8800gts (g92) 512mb GPU. It generally runs much cooler and performs better than the 8800gt. Also if your going to OC the q6600 over 3 gHz, I'd recommend getting the Xigmatek s1283 cooler. It's going for $37 shipped at newegg and is the best bang for the buck CPU HSF right now. The rest of your build looks fine to me.
  2. thanks a bunch. I was thinking of maybe upgrading to sli in the future. Think it's worth it to just stick with one gpu for good?
  3. Looks good- the advice is above is good too, one thing id add about SLI is that isnt worth it on smaller monitors- only when you get into huge monitors do you really need it. Id stick with 1 good GPU over 2x in SLI for a 19inch monitor. Even my 21inch monitor is going to be fine with 1 GPU...
  4. Stick with one card. Your monitor is too small to need SLI, your PSU will not support a second high-end video card, your case is not large enough and well cooled enough for SLI either. With a single card everything is fine. JUst make it a 8800GTS 512MB instead of 8800GT because the GTS has a better cooler that pushes the heat right outside the case.

    I'd change the mobo to IP35 Pro. It's on sale at newegg right now :)
  5. sounds like good advise, thanks a bunch
  6. okay changed gpu to a gts and mobo to a gigabyte ds3l. does this sound good? my last question is should I stick with th q6600? I was thinking MAYBE going for the 9300 since it seems to run cooler and more efficient. I know that some dual cores perform better right now on gaming machines, but I want to look to the future and I'm sure quads still do just fine.... Please let me know, I may purchase soon...
  7. Between the DS3L and the IP35 Pro - the IP35 costs $60 more and gives you these additional features in exchange: RAID, 8 SATA ports instead of 4, a second PCI-E x16 slot (if you ever want 3 or 4 monitors it will be useful), 2 more SATA cables. If you're sure you don't need any of these then the DS3L is a great choice.

    Bewteen the Q9300 and the Q9600: at stock the Q9300 will do better. With a good HSF and overclocking, the Q6600 will win, because it has a higher multiplier and it's easier to bring it to 3.6 GHz. Either way you'll be just fine, they are both very fast.
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