What kind of Psu (XFX 9600 GT)

What psu thats in the 60$ range can i get thats good enough for a XFX GeForce 9600 GT? Thanks in advanced.
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  1. And how do I find out if it will fit in my computer?
  2. what type of case do you have, and if it is a Dell or another similar brand then list the product number.
  3. Ill agree with the suggestion from esmith
  4. anyone help me find one thats on ebay and can be payed with m/o?
    I would greatly appreciate it, just that i cant find one because i dont know what to search. How would I know how it fits my Case?
  5. Nobody can really tell you unless you give them information to work with. What model is your case or what model is your computer? Different form factors require different power supply units.

    If it's an atx case then the PSU Esmith recommended would be a good one to go with. Btw does your motherboard support PCI express?
  6. yes it does and this is the model number on my pc (pavilion m7580n) and its the original case. its a Hewlett-packard
  7. Any help please? :ouch:
  8. been a while :(
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