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Problem with my screen and view

I have just moved my computer and now have issues with it.
When i turn the pc on it starts up and i can see it starting up on the screen however it then goes black.

I have to push a button on the screen to changed it from digital to analog before i can then see the sign in screen.

I then go through to the main vista screen. I can see all the icons in analog mode but if i put the screen back to digital input the task bar is gone and most of the icons are not there and i cannot get any control panel or screen up.

Another problem in analog mode is that my mouse keeps disapearing.

So problems summary:

1. i start up in digital but need to change screen to analog to sign in
2. I then go onto the main vista screen but my mouse keeps disapearing
3. If i switch back to digital at this stage i have no task/start bar and cannot get anything to work.

Some help would be awesome.
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    Did you connect both outputs of the video card to the same monitor? Sure sounds like you did. Shut off the computer, remove one of the monitor cables, turn on the computer.
  2. Thanks, that worked well. What i dont understand is that i have always had both attached and now i am only using the blue one.
  3. You never should have had both video cables attached to one monitor, just one.
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