P5N32-e sli plus & Q6600 no post : please help

I have just recently purchased a P5N32-E SLI PLUS and an Intel Q6600 Quad Core.

When i got the two together into my new tower and connected all the power etc ... then turned it on i get nothing..

so i thought well must be something in the wrong place so i checked the speaker and even tried changing the pc speaker to get a POST error.

I've tried taking everything out ... nothing
Take memory out... nothing

I just cant seem to get anything from the motherboard, all the fans and lights etc come on ok and hard drives initialise but just nothing.

Can anyone suggest anything ?
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  1. List the specs.

    I don't think a pc can post without a gpu. Unless you didn't mention it in your posting.

    Put together the cpu, mobo, cpu fan, ram & gpu. Hook it up to psu.

    Does the fans & lights stay on while the pc is powered on? Just blank screen? Might be memory. Try each stick of ram in each of the slots. Once the pc posts, set up ram in bios. Probably the vdimm needs to be bumped up.
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