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I want to water cool my next rig (either a AMD PII 940 or and i7) and i was wondering does it make sense if i only wanna cool my CPU and chipset right now? Also what kinda system would you recommend, I hear the prebuilts arent nearly as good as the custom setups. The case I am going to use is the Silverstone Raven, Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'll steer you to some more technical links, please spend a few days (DAYS) reading posts, searching, learning. Don't forget to look for your case with WC. Google your case and the word water-cool or some combination of that. WC stuff is larger than you think, I know from experience. WC setups done right are awesome and almost silent.

    Great place, not wayyy over the top with uber WC guys.
    Uber place, owned by one of the worlds winning OC guys in the world. Not a place to post or ask questions by noobs, but an awesome place to learn.
    Another good place to learn
    The best link to explain what parts you’ll need

    Great places to buy WC stuff [...] e&Itemid=1
  2. ^ :lol: The usual cut'n paste. Your danger den link might be broken, not sure. Also add the martinsliquidlab mirrors.
  3. Shadow, yep, same ol' thing. You come up with a better noob help link, then I don't have to keep pasting the same ol crap. Better than yours at least. You are pretty smart Shadow, you make a good starting link PLEASE. I can just ignore Toms Forums pretty much then.

    Peeps need to learn on their own or it's not worth it. I don't want to make 10 posts to help on the basics that anyone with any sense can't learn on their own. I spent 3 months to figure out WC, they ain't gonna learn it here, there are maybe THREE folks who watercool here. Bad ratio, kapich?

    "Why is water better than the (crap) non-conductive stuff that the idiot retailers who I must believe cuz they say so?" fun posts? Why not buy TT? Why won't my 120 rad cool my CPU/GPU/NB? I put my GPU on a WC block that don't fit, what do I do? What is CFM mean?

    You can spoonfeed, or you can help peeps to help themselves.

    I did it on my own, away from this noob nightmare place, I want to get peeps to places where they can learn. If they need spoonfed, they can buy a Dell.

    I help in my own way, you can make it better. Can you?

    You have common sense Shadow, you do better please. PLEASE
  4. Conumdrum is right; regardless if he was somewhat brash with that post. I do agree that there aren't too many people here that do WC, and we do what we can to get people on the right path. Granted, I highly doubt that many end up taking advice as needed since this isn't a hardcore, dedicated OC/WC forum...its a generic, run-of-the-mill place for people who don't know where to begin.

    Conumdrum, those of us who do understand honestly do appreciate your advice and knowledge, but you have to remember that people looking here for advice are most likely unsure where else on the web to go to get started. That is really the main reason why I continue here. I, myself, do regularly hit up OC and xtreme to see what is going on. True, those guys really have a great sense of what they are doing, and almost everyone there has a decent amount of experience, several are very, very good. Just remember the clientele that checks out Tom's...
    If you'd rather not associate here, I completely understand. Your knowledge is much better suited for the more experienced forums, but I also appreciate your input as I am sure many others are, as well.
  5. I got nothing against the new folks, none at all. In fact I kinda started here too. And if this is their starting point, they don't know where to turn next, my post opens the door, it's an easy cut n paste, takes little of my time, that means I can do it again and again and not get burnt out.

    I have an issue with "The usual cut'n paste" by Shadow.

    It's effective. Many peeps do use it and they get help on other forums. I myself have helped peeps once they moved to other forums personally and they have solid performing loops now.

    If Shadow wants to do it better, cool. I'm not adding the M mirror because I don't want to overload the mirrors, increasing BW on someone who does it for a hobby and send folks there not ready for the info. I'll let the serious ones find it on their own.

    Getting peeps to read for a few hours when they don't know squat about WC (We were both like that once too) instead of having to answer easily learned info helps all of us.
  6. thanks alot guys! I really appreciate the info I hate ask what some may consider noob stuff. I personally like the way you explained Conumdrum it makes the people that ask learn. I have seen alot of people ask and ignore the posts but I have learned alot here maybe someday when Im not a noob I hope I can help them along like you.
  7. Yeah, Conumdrum and I like to play 'good cop, bad cop' with people. ;)
  8. Haha well it works I don't think I have slept I have reading as much as I can about that stuff I pretty excited to give it a try. Thanks again.
  9. rubix_1011 said:
    Yeah, Conumdrum and I like to play 'good cop, bad cop' with people. ;)

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!HAHAHA!!!!!!!! :hello: :hello: :pt1cable:
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