8800gt with 256mb in SLI?

Ok, I know this is not the best configuration because these cards are Vram limited in games like crysis and COD4. But my question is, does anyone have a setup like this and can post benchmarks in either of these two games. I have not been able to find one review online with any benchmarks for two 8800gt 256mb cards in SLI. I play at 14X9
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  1. One 8800GT 256MB is so crippled that often at 12x10 the framerates tank way below the 512MB card. Sometimes it takes FSAA at this res to see it hurt though. Two in SLI would be a big waste as the resolutions/eye candy settings where SLI shines are also the same resolutions/eye candy levels the 256MB GT tanks at. So honestly I think you either won't need SLI in that game at your res, or the 256MB limit will kill performance if the game is demanding enough to require SLI.

    One example is of course Crysis. Look how bad the 256MB GT does at 12x10 no fsaa even compared to cards it can hang with in other games. Look at it vs the 512MB GT. http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/nvidia_geforce_9600_gt_performance/page13.asp

    Also, look at the 13 games they tested in this review and you can see how often the 256MB 8800GT falls far behind the 512MB version.
    Here is one huge example: http://en.expreview.com/2007/12/30/review8800gt-how-many-memory-do-you-need%ef%bc%9f/10/
  2. ^ Exactly as he said.
  3. He didn't ask if it was better...maybe he wants to pick up a card for 99 bucks or something because he already has one and he's broke.
  4. He would still be limited by 256MB of ram. So at best tack on 80% to the crysis performance you see and it would be nowhere near a 512MB 8800GT at his resolution. And at worst he may see no performance gain with the second card if truely vram limited.

    The card isn't worth much over $99 to be honest. The $99 (AR) evga 8800GS superclock will hang with it at his resolution in many games, beat it in some games. Two of those 8800GS would be less limited in SLI trying to run 14x9 with fsaa. I'm not saying buy SLI 8800GS, but he would be better off selling his card and buying one or two better cards. one 8800GTS 512MB or two 9600GT for instance.
  5. well yeah, but by that logic, he's better off selling his mb and cpu too.
  6. http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3175&p=5

    here have a look and decide what you think...
  7. royalcrown said:
    well yeah, but by that logic, he's better off selling his mb and cpu too.

    How so? He didn't even list his specs, it may be an e8500 and $300 mobo. Besides, he already owns them and they don't seem to be what's in question. A waste would be putting money into a second 8800GT 256MB if it can not offer any added performance, resolution, detail levels, or eye candy to his gaming. If he wants to spend money for more performance and a better gaming experience, I gave him better places to spend the money than a second 256MB GT.
  8. royalcrown said:

    here have a look and decide what you think...

    there is very limited usefulness to anand's review compared to the expreview link. That is by far the most in depth look at the 8800GT and vram.

    What settings did Anand test in crysis????? By the massive fps they get it is all medium details with no fsaa. What a joke, are they trying to promote the 256MB card or show the difference? And for the OP, You don't buy SLI to play at medium details with no fsaa. Half of those tests, the difference is explained by the clock speed difference (256MB is lower clocked), and has nothing to do with running out of vram. Compare anands results to firingsquad and expreview and you'll see which doesn't quite add up. Like I said, limited usefulness. Good info, but way incomplete as anand tends to be. I feel sorry for any poor sap who bought the 256MB 8800GT to play crysis at 16x12 res because Anand shows they perform the same (edit: as the 512MB version in crysis) :lol:

    edit: and look what happens when you enable fsaa which forces shaders to high. 12x10 res and the 256MB GT tanks. Too bad they didn't show 2xaa also as that would be more useful for single GPU crysis gameplay. http://en.expreview.com/2007/12/30/review8800gt-how-many-memory-do-you-need%ef%bc%9f/13/

    Same if you try high details no fsaa:
  9. I have to agree with Pauldh. Those 256 meg GT's are basically worthless in games that require any amount of vram.
    To the OP, are you asking because you could get a good deal on another one, what are your current specs, do you already have a SLI motherboard or a processor that can keep up w/ SLI? To be honest, it seems your best bet would be save up some money and purchase either a 9600 GT, or if can come up with it a 8800 GT. This EVGA for example is 159$ after rebates. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130318
  10. I don't disagree, but if had the chance to get another one( if I had one), depending on the price and whether or not I was a aa whore, I might just get one. Of course a 512 is better, but the op knows that already.

    I guess it depends on a lot of variables, personally, if it was me, I'd get an 8800gts and I did, it gets here tomorrow. 216 shipped with 50 off rebate.

    I'll probably never use aa as it is a killer even on a high end card right now, i can live with some jagged edges when I am moving all over anyhow, not like I have time to look at them.
  11. This is as close as your gonna get, and the guys are right, this doesent look all that sweet, but here you go..

  12. Yeah, if it were cheap enough, I'd almost try it too. I understand what you are saying there. But I wouldn't expect much and be would go into it banking that I could/would sell both cards and buy something better.

    For me, I would be tempted to buy another 320MB 8800GTS for $100 to try SLI and tests it's limits. Nice quiet spare card, or I'd sell it. But back when it was expensive I decided against buying a second from researching the limitations it's mem has in SLI. It's fine if you enjoy such comparisons like I do. I'm the type nut who wishes he had the time & money to buy two of all GF8800 & 9600GT cards just to test them in single and dual modes against each other. For the average gamer though, I'd think it's not money well spent to buy a second 256MB 8800GT.
  13. Thanks guys I appreciate the input. My interest was mostly academic. I do have an 8800gt 256 and could get another pretty cheap. But I'm limited by cpu as well because I only have an X2 3800+. I just thought its weird to be able to find almost every card out there 256mb-1gb in ram in SLI benchmark and not the 8800gt 256.

    I'll most likely end up getting a 4800 series ATI when I see some reviews and benchmarks when they come out... My main problem is I can't sell my 8800gt for anywhere close what I paid for it 2 months ago (189.99). Kind of a rash decision when i bought it....

    On a side note I did notice that I could play crysis on all high settings (except post processing and shaders on medium) once I bumped up my Ram from 2 gigs to 4 gigs. I'm also playing with Vista 64bit(got it free through school). This is for the beach levels too by the way.
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