NVIDIA JBOD Invalid System Disk error


After reconnecting my 3 RAID 0 harddrives after troubleshooting a sound problem inside the case, I get "Invalid System Disk" error when starting up the computer. When I run the NVIDIA Raid Controller software, it says the raid is healthy.

What exactly could be wrong? I have accidentally started up the computer without all harddisks plugged in, could that be it?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Perhaps, especially if some of your hard disks were connected and others weren't.

    Do you have any data on those disks? Maybe you can just rebuild the array?
  2. The rebuild option is grey'd out, so I can't rebuild it.

    I have about 700GB of data on 3 300GB harddrives in RAID 0. I hope I won't lose everything...
  3. Anybody wil some advise, please? I am in desperate need of my computer to work again without losing my stuff on it :-(
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