Best value/performance 120mm case fan

Hi all,
I have a Antec NSK2480 case.
Its got 2 case fans already installed from Antec.

The spec of those antec case fans are...

low speed, 25dba, 39cfm
med speed, 28dba, 56cfm
high speed, 30dba, 79cfm

Is there any 120mm case fans that will do 79+cfm but under 25dba?
so basically the best value/performance..

thanks in advance :bounce:
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  1. Case fans are a peculiar lot, as "best value/performance" truly depends on each individual person. Fans need to be:

    1. Quiet
    2. Have the right connector (3 pin for control cards/MB, or 4 pin)
    3. Have good airflow
    4. Fit in a particular case
    5. Have (or not have any) the correct color, shade, and brightness of LEDs
    6. Be made of a particular color of plastic (black, clear, etc.)

    To make matters worse, fan manufacturers generally lie about what their fan specifications.

    With my limited knowledge on "good fans," I can't provide you an answer to your question. However, I saw you didn't have any replies...and thought would give you a chance to answer a few of the questions above in regard to anything else that you might want. (Where other's may/may not help you.)

    Personally, I look for 120mm case fans that reviewers state:

    1. Are "not loud compared to others"
    2. Priced low (including shipping)
    3. Do or do not have LEDs (depending on the case)
    4. Have "good airflow compared to others"

    In short, I look to others for generalized information. As such, I have generally used:

    Because you get 2 fans for under the price of one.

    But, have been looking at:

    For moving my computer from my CM Centurion 5 case into an Antec 300 I got on sale.

    And, neither set of fans above fit into your requested noise/airflow parameters.
  2. I don't think any fans exist that do 80+CFM but are under 25db.
  3. might be asking abit too much there, but whats the nearest to it?
  4. i found this
    which is quite similar to the enermax u mentioned.

    i mean from what ppl say online the figures are a bit too who to believe? or who nearest to truth?
  5. I'd be surprised if that one you linked to actually moved 68cfm at 1400rpm. In all honesty, I'm a bit skeptical of the first one I linked to as well. It's really hard to judge fans from just the online specs because of the unreliability of the numbers, but I'd say just by looking at the blade shape that the Enermax will move more than the Xilence - the Enermax spins faster, and the blades appear to have a higher angle.
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