CD/DVD will read CDs and DVDs but takes forever to read games?

So the only issue I have with the first desktop i just built is that the CD/DVD drive (sony/NEC optiarc) will take forever to read games. It will autorun both CDs and DVDs just fine and does not take long to open them up. Usually the disk will show up in My Computer with the corresponding game icon but when I go to open it or wait for the auto run screen to come up, it can take up to 20 minutes to load or may never happen. I have tried to reinstall the drivers but I can't find a whole lot of information about this type of problem on the internet. also, when and if the game does load up, the game usually runs just fine, without any lagging or skipping.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. there are no drivers for hdd's, floppys,and cd/dvd's,have you tried another unit??,is it properly and fully plugged in [the data ribbon,that is?],maybe you should consider replacing it,, or if you are brave take it apart and look for dirt on the laser's lens,they come apart real easy the tricky part is taking the lip off of the tray you sort of have to gently pry it out from the tray,otherwise you cannot get the faceplate off of the unit,it all snaps together..:)
  2. ok so I took off the cables and put them back on and it doesnt seem to help, and I cant try another unit because I dont have one so could it be defective?? and if so why would it not be able to read just what sounds like data files, are they written differently than music or movies?
  3. could something like this be caused by some type of software issue? i ask because it seems so odd that it would just not like to read data CDs
  4. Hi, How long have you had this cd/dvd drive? Is there any system log about this hardware? Is the lens of cd/dvd drive clean? Feel free to visit DigitalSupportTech for getting help.
  5. I'm having the same problems. I burnt off all of these data DVD's on my Windows 7 laptop. They would take forever to load, and usually end up locking up the Windows Explorer before they ever loaded any data. If you're lucky enough to get into one of the folders on the disc, if you want to go back to the previous folder, you have to wait forever, or risk having Windows Explorer lock up.

    It seems like, to me, that it's the way the discs have been burnt. Not necessarily a problem with the one reading... nor the one that is burning. I think it has most of all to do with the way in which they're burnt. I believe I used Windows 7 burn utility to do most of the discs that I'm having problems reading now. I also remember using Nero 9, but I have no way of telling which is which. So, I know this doesn't help much, but maybe it would be beneficial to try a different burning program for the both of us. I will try some things out and see if I can't find a better solution.
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