Help! My SD dummy card is stuck inside my camera and it won't come out

So I took the CD card out of my camera to pop it into my Dell notebook, and I popped the plastic dummy into my camera for "safe keeping" so I wouldn't lose it. Now it's lost inside the camera and I can't get it out! A regular SD card sticks out farther and is therefore able to be popped out. This just sinks far enough down that I can't push it and it's stuck. Somebody help me ...please?
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  1. Can't you get an item with a small (but not sharp) tip, and use that to push the dummy card down far enough so that it can spring back out? You can also use tweezers if there's not enough clearance for you to grip and pull the dummy out.
  2. Tweezers won't work. The dummy has a small lip that makes it so that it catches somewhere on the slot. I've attempted to get around the lip by using a razorblade, and a knife with a bent tip. Neither one worked, but the knife's tip is at least straight again. If I wasn't having troubles with my camera, I'd take a picture and post it so you could see what it looked like. I even tried gluing a plastic object to the card and using it to pull it out. Didn't work.
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