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Do these come with a fan? Buying a e8400 and I saw 1listing said no fan but the others didn't mention anything about no fan.
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  1. Usually oems are fanless, sometimes they do come with a fan, but rarely. Check or call before you buy
  2. these are rejects

    sure some are bulk cpus, but do not think intel sticks the best in a box? i would!

    again, dell can sort throught q6600's for the xps and then ship the rejects to tiger to sell

    buy retail!
  3. I would think that with the low overhead oems have, theyd be hard pressed to spend money on already binned cpus, especially when theyre stamped, and someone gets a wrong binned cpu of lower quality (stamped) and is said to be of higher quality, and sold as such
  4. zpyrd said:
    OEM is a tray processor, no heatsink fan, 90 day warranty.

    @ dragonsprayer...you are an ignorant ass.

    lol! like i do not know that i actually have the trays genius!

    anyways - alot oem cpu's are sub par, while i do buy them and neweggs seem ok. both newegg and others like tiger buy stuff in bulk from others and resell it

    oem at newegg = open box returnes, rejects from others and manufacture returns. tiger .... well you know tiger they sell some quesitionable stuff and their rebates say it all

    ps: noobie, oem does not mean 90 day warranty - it can have 1 year warranty or 7 day warranty or a 30 day warranty from the seller!
  5. well I don't know about open box. I would find it quite illegal to sell a CPU that is 2nd rate to what someone would be buying as retai. One thing I know for sure it to buy retail CPU's, video card and boards. When it comes to HDD's and burners I've always bought OEM and never had an issue. I find it funny how tiger always seem to be more than newegg. Though I never bought from them.
  6. oem is not retail - oem can mean they tested it did not use and rejected it and resold it,

    oem can mean open box
    oem can mean alot of things

    i could save money buying oem cpu's, i build systems - why do i pay extra for non oem cpu's?

    i have found that i get more inferior cpus as oem then box - i toss the coolers or reuse them on low end systems.

    the cooler that comes with the q6600 has a copper core and works great for many lower end systems. the new aluminum cooler is junk
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