XP doesn't "see" external usb fdd.

I've had a teac external usb fdd now for years, and never had a problem with any pc I ran it to, just like a pen drive, no sweat, UNTIL I picked up a used Vaio (model vgn-fs745p/h). Now drivers think that it is a pen drive, only when I need to 'send to floppy' there is no comm LED on floppy, and the vaio says that i have to put a disk in, when there is already one in. Anybody know a good device drive or launcher that would remedy this?? By the way I've already tried several of the more popular downloads, (reg-cure, driver detective, registry mechanic) all to no avail.
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  1. Just to be clear, this only happens on your old VAIO? Try reinstalling its motherboard drivers (on the CD that came with your mobo)
  2. ok, yes, it only is a problem on my (new for me, but used) vaio. Any other computer, it kicks right in without a prob. Toshiba maintains that there IS no drivers for this unit, becuz drivers aren't needed for it, and I can see their point. So what I'm left with, is trying to find a "windows" solution.
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