asus p5n-e (nvidia 650i) memory question

hi .

i currently have 2 X 1Gb DDR 2 800 (5-5-5-15) . i am not overclocking atm . will getting DDR2 1066 make a difference ? then cpu and ram will run 1:1 ?

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  1. No, it will make 0 difference at stock. Stock = half the FSB of the CPU. i.e. Q6600 is 1066mhz FSB / 2 = 533mhz, & it will run ram at 533mhz at stock. Unless you make change to bios: unlink cpu & ram, & set ram to specs.

    You need to know your upgrade goal or you're asking such question over & over. You want to improve overall speed of gaming, desktop apps, databases, etc.?
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