Which graphics card?

I am stuck between the powercolor hd3650, the Leadtek PX-8500-GT and the Gainward 8500GT. Which one is better performance wise and why
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  1. The hd3650. Although if it's for gaming, none of them are enough for recent games.
  2. Edit: Ditto what dagger said.
  3. Yup, I third. You can get an 8800GS which would be better than all of those.
  4. The only thing is, the powercolor hd3650, the Leadtek PX-8500-GT and the Gainward 8500GT are real cheap, they are almost the same price, so between them, i was just wondering which is better performance wise?
  5. they already answered your question, hd3650 is the better one performance wise plus its newer technology. There are some 8800gs around for a little more money. As boonality said, the 8800gs is a much better budget card, if you can find one for a similar price with rebates. I like the HD3XXX series because they have dynamic clock speed capability. That is they clock down and run a bit cooler when graphics demand is low.
  6. ok. thanks..
  7. Yeah you would be much better off ponying up for a 8800GS. Cheapest gaming card you can get. The difference between the onces you listed and the 8800GS is astronomical!
  8. thanks
  9. cowboi123 said:

    NO! Thank you!
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