What setting in the BIOS can I change tio lower CPU temperature

I have a GA-P65P-DS3 with old E6300 CPU. I bought a new ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm because the original fan died. The CPU is not overclocked. When I check the CPU temperature using Core Temp, it shows ~47 at less than 10% load. Isnt that too high without overclocking using the new heatsink? I thought it was suppose to be around 35. Is there any setting I need to adjust in the BIOS to bring it down? When I overclock from 1.83 (7*260) to 2.45 (7*350) the CPU temp jumps to 65.
Also, I have to leave my desktop flat rather than having it stand because the CPU temp is about 8 degree higher when the desktop is stand.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. There are alot of factors, when it comes to cpu temps. What's your ambient temps? What case do you have? Is your Tj. Max set properly for your CPU?

    Even without answers to those questions, I'm leaning to a poor case design, as you stated that you have to keep your case horizontal to get good temps.
  2. What should tjmax be set to? I have it at 85C
  3. 85C is correct for E6300.
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