Windows server 08 software RAID 5 slow reading (but not writing)??

i have a computer with the following specs:

athlon x2 5000
AMD 780G / SB700
2GB ram
6 x 640GB 7200 rpm desktop drives in software RAID 5 on Windows Server 08 with SP2

im having a strange problem where the read speed from the RAID is very slow (6 to 10 MB / s, used to be 5 or 6 times this much) but write speeds are normal (~40 MB/s)

any ideas?
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  1. Have you run any RAID diagnostics? There should be some available through your BIOS, or on the installers that came with your RAID controller.
  2. How do you measure the speeds, can you post a benchmark like HDTune or ATTO?
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