Best low cost card?

I want to get a new graphics card right now. I was initially planning to wait for the 9900. I don't mind spending lots of $$$ on something that will give me revolutionary performance like my 7800GTX 512 did when I bought it at launch time.

But now I cant play anything on my comp at max settings, so I want to buy a cheap card which should get me by on max settings for most games until the true next gen cards come out.

Basically my choices are the 8800GT 512, 8800GTS 512, 9800GTX. If I get a 9800GTX, then I most probably wont be able to upgrade very soon, in case the 9900 totally demolishes the 9800.

The 8800 GTS 512 seems to be the most favoured card overall.

My CPU will be a Q9450.
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  1. true but the 8800gt is only a little slower, around 7% for about 20 percent less, it is the sweet spot for performance on the cheap right now. Maybe wait with one of those and see what Nvidia rolls out with.
  2. Get the 8800GT to save some money for your electric bill.
    Coz 9900 may consume lotz of energy!
  3. I wouldn't even consider the cards you're looking at as low cost. My 7300LE is a low cost card. Between the three, I would go with the 8800GTS 512MB because it has a better cooler overall the the 8800GT.
  4. They are low cost compared to what his 512MB 7800GTX cost. :)

    I agree on the 512MB 8800GTS. They can be found pretty cheap after a big rebate in the USA. The 8800GT is good too if your pricing is different or you hate rebates.
  5. With that ecs G92 GTS still floating around, I don't like the 9600GT for over $120ish. Not everyone likes the $50 rebate or the ECS name though. But what a value it is. The evga 8800GS for $105 is a nice option if the GTS is too much money.
  6. nvidia clogging themselves up they lower the 9800 GX2 and GTX prices so they have to lower the 8800 GTS GTX ultra and GT, during all of this someone forgot to lower the 9600GT prices
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