4870 OCing?

This is my first time on here but I have a question about this HIS 4870 I installed about 5 days ago.

First off, I have tried 8.10, 8.11 & am at the 8.12 driver right now. I have reset all my BIOS data on my MoBo as a precaution, I have tried 40%, 50% & 75% fan settings in CCC and this still happens...
My System:
Q6600, 2GB Ram @ 1066, GIGABYTE EP45-UD3R, HIS HD4870 & ULTRA LSP650 PSU

I was told I should be able to reach about 850 core by 1000 memory on this thing without having to up the voltage, but setting it to 760 core and 1000 memory causes this to happen after about 30 minutes in-game...

The screen will freeze for a second or two, then go black and display the "No Signal" msg, then the PC will restart.

If I bump the OC to 790 and 1100(the CCC max's) then upon hitting the "Test Custom Clocks" tab, it will almost immediately do the above, dont even have to be in-game.

People from other forums said a few thing like: My PSU may not be powerful enough, the card may be a lemon, may be getting too hot? I am not sure, but the PSU should be plenty and I am almost certain this thing doesnt go above 60C on load.

Also... not sure if this relates, but it may give you more clues to what my problem might be:
In Rivatuner, there is only the 'Fan' tab, nothing for overclocking
In ATI Tools, the tools will not load and in the taskbar the temps read like: "GPU: #J"
In ATI Tray Tools, In the Fan settings it says: "No Hardware Found", in the OCing section w/e I select apply or anything(underclocked, OCed or standard) it just crashes my system and reboots.

Thanks for ANY help :D
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  1. Wow, that sucks. I've only encountered the stuff you mention at the end when the drivers are not installed correctly. I'm stretching here, but maybe flashing the bios of the video card to something else might help?

    When 4870s came out, you had to either mess with a XML setup in CCC, or flash the bios of the card to change the fan profiles. Because of this, there are lots of pages that have collections of BIOSes for 4870. You will have to do research, but you might find a better one that works. Also, on top of all this (brain scrambled yet?) the method by which the fan is auto-adjusted can be changed. Different manufacturers use different means to do this. Fortunately, it can be changed in BIOS of the card.

    I would say 850 core without upping the voltage would be near the high end of the spectrum of overclocks you can get(from reading here and researching where mine should be), as well as other sites), mine only gets to 840. The memory should hit 1100 pretty easy, mine even sees 1200 without problems. ----This is the thing, they are all different, you won't always get what others get. But its ok, you have a 4870 :)

    $.02, mostly speculation, hope it helps you out.
  2. I dont know what the problem is. I have tried everyone's suggestions and nothing works. I cant overclock at all or I will get the system crashing. This is just plain ridiculous. Unless I can figure out WTF is going on here... ATI can kiss my a$$, I am NEVER buying another ATI card again because this BS has me so upset.

    I constantly feel like the damn thing is going to crash even on standard settings.

    And can anyone atleast explain this to me?... Why is it I see videos all over of people setting their CCC clocks to "default" and CCC sets them to 750/900, but when I do it, it sets them to 200/500?
  3. I too have an Ati card but i have the 4870x2.

    When i first got the card 3 months ago i noticed that when i was in CCC my card looked like it was set to 507mhz on the core & 500mhz on the memory,so i asked the question, WHY?

    If your in a 2D application then the card backs itself down as it does not need 3D performance nut once you enter a game where the performance is needed it will boost back to the settings i set. i.e 790mhz core & 915 mhz memory.

    If nothing else it should boost to default values.

    Hope this makes sense.
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