Biostar GF7050V-M7 vs GF7050V-M7 SE

Hi -

Does anybody know the differences between these two ? Biostar has been less than helpful answering my question so I thought you guys might know.

Many thanks !

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  1. I have the GF7050v-m7. I wasn't really able to tell a functional difference between the two either. I recommend the one I have. It has quite a few options in the bios, takes to pin mods, and so far has been a fairly stable board.
  2. hi, the difference between the 2 boards are that they are compatible with different intel processors.

    here are the links fo the processors compatibility:

    this is the link for the m7 model

    this is the link for the m7-se model
  3. Does anyone know if this is a hard and fast rule? Why wouldn't one support the entire line of processors? I just bought the SE version and would hope it will support any of the stated processor types, but then again, I'm more familiar with AMD and have never run into this before on the systems I've built. Thanks!
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