may need new PSU but not sure

I have a P5W DH Deluxe board and my current power supply is an Enermax 550w. I gonna up my CPU to the Q9300 and eventually get nvidia's latest offering video card when it's released. I also run 2 SATA DVD drives one is a reader other is a burner. And TWO IDE HDD's and one SATA HDD. would the enermax still be enough or should I up that to a PSU with higher wattage? I do game on my PC. Currentlysome RTS, MMORPG like guild wars and soon to be Age of Conan.
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  1. You should be fine, but it's still speculation till the hard numbers about the new GPUs come out.
  2. yeah I'm still deciding and not sure. I read the Q9300 uses 198W at full load. The enermax I have I think only havs two +12v rails. I figure if I have 198W load on that CPU then have my components maybe up to 250 incl. fans. then ou have the video card. It gets close. But as you said without the hard facts it's hard to know for sure. I just want to make sure it has spare power when it needs it especially while gaming.
  3. Well I decided on getting one. I did have a couple of CTD and it may have been some bios settings. Seems stable for now though. But I'm not taking any chances on a new CPU and GPUso I may as well upgrade the PSU.

    I ended up getting the XIGMATEK MC NRP-MC751. I liked the ratings. 4 12v rails up to 87% effieciency. And actual test results were 80-83%. I think it'll be a keeper for a long time.
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