SLI Question (once installed, can you choose to run 1 or 2 cards

SLI Question (once installed, can you choose to run 1 or 2 cards)

I have the evga 780i and 2 evga 8800gts's with a E8400 cpu.

I will run this rig using XP pro 32.

Can i choose to run 1 card when doing light computing, such as surfing or if my wife plays EA Pogo games and then turn on both cards when doing heavy gaming like HL2:S or BF2 on the fly?

is there software that will let me do this or once in sli theres no changing it.

the order is placed already and will be recieving my parts this week and hope to build shortly after.

thanks inadvance
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  1. In the driver software control panel there is an option to turn SLI on and off.
  2. As mousemonkey pointed out there is the option to turn it on or off in the software. But the question is why bother? It's not like its going to save anything. Both cards would still be powered and its not going to really make any difference in running other software.
  3. Yeah, I agree with both above. Why disable it unless there is an issue or you want to run multiple monitors? Besides enabling/disabling SLI in the global settings, you can even choose to automatically run each game using both cards or one card. if there is not game profile for an odd game, you can create one yourself.
  4. I see, in the software i can choose to run sli or not, but either way both will be running regardless. I was hoping to shut one card down when not in use (off completely, no fan running)
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