I have forgotten pasword to open my memmory stick

I have forgotten the password to open my memmory stick. How can overrule password, since there is only one atempt until the memmory stick will be block permanently. Any solution?
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  1. That all depends on how important or valuable the data on the flash drive is to you.

    If it's games and music, roll the dice on guessing your password.

    If it's months of engineering work and you'll loose millions if it isn't retrieved, buy the Salvation Data® Flash Doctor. More info is
  2. The whole point of having a password that is any good is so you CAN'T get around it. I'm guessing the memory stick is encrypted in some way, in which case there is no way to not enter the password and get to the data unless you created some sort of back door like a global admin account to use.

    If the memory stick is encrypted, I doubt any software to retrieve data will help, unless it has the encryption hash, it will see the data on your stick as random giberish. From checking on the device Tigsounds recommended, it looks like it's used to recover DAMAGED drive info, not encrypted info.
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