Board e-sata port for interior hard drive?

Hello all:
I have an Intel DP35DP motherboard and one of the six sata ports is an e-sata port. I have need for 6 sata ports for interior drives and wanted to use the e-sata port for an interior drive but the board instruction say "do not use for interior drives". Well, I didn't know that when assembling my new pc and have one interior drive connected to the e-sata port and it seems to work fine but now I am worried that I may damage the drive or board by using the e-sata port for an interior drive. My question is why can't the e-sata port be used for an interior drive and what happens when you incorrectly use it for that purpose. I understand I can buy a pci sata controller to connect the drive but would prefer not to add one.

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  1. That seems like an odd warning to me, I thought eSATA was only different in terms of connector design. Most boards offer eSATA via a backplate with two internal SATA cables to connect to the board... so beats me! I'd say you're OK with it as is.
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