EVGA 8800GT 512 or EVGA 8800GTS 640mb, same price


I can get either an EVGA 8800GT 512 or an EVGA 8800GTS 640mb for $179, which would you guys suggest. I realize the newer GT has the G92 core, but less memory. According to Toms' video card guide, both are comparable in the games I play and the resolutions I use.

Does anyone have any personal insight? I'm leaning towards the GTS since it has more memory, but it does have a slower clock speed and the older processor. I'm running XP, so DX10 performance isn't a consideration.

Which is more important, clock speed or amount of memory?

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  1. 8800GTS (512) > 8800GT (512) > 8800GTS (640) > 8800GTS (320)
  2. 8800GT 512 without a single doubt!! :)

    Btw both clock speeds and amount of memory are important but 8800GT has more Stream processors too which is the most important thing
  3. 8800 GT = best bang for the $$$
  4. I really wish they would price these cards more according to what their performance is, although I guess they still need to recoup the G80 production costs. Then there is the fact that the average user only sees that the 640 has more memory and thinks it is better.
  5. Don't buy old cards man! the G80 GPU's are old. Get the 8800GT it knocks the socks off the other one. Heck a GS is just under the GTS/640
  6. I have the 8800GTS 640...rock solid and performs well.

    But even I have to recommend the 8800GT...it wins. :(
  7. If you currently HAVE the 8800GTS/640 it's still a great card with life left in it. But if you are buying the choice is clear.
  8. The GTS 640MB is obsolete. The GT has a single-slot cooler which stinks. For $15 more you can have this MSI 8800GTS G92 512MB which beats both of them and comes with a pretty good game (The Witcher).

  9. nVidia's confusing naming scheme almost had another victim. Good job team! I'm glad they're finally realizing it's too confusing (for a good percentage of consumers).
  10. aevm said:
    The GTS 640MB is obsolete.

    True. But like Jay said, it's good if you have it already. I'm still impressed that I can play Crysis at 1440x900 with everything on high and average filters with great frame rates on a card I've had for a year and a half. I'll be waiting for the next revision or two for sure.
  11. Oh, it's a good card. I didn't mean to make you feel bad about it :) Hey, my 8800GTX is obsolete too, with 80nm and tons of heat and so on... You don't need an upgrade, absolutely.

    I just meant I wouldn't buy an 8800GTS 640 now, with the newer and faster cards so close in price to it. If you grant that the Witcher is worth at least $20, then the MSI 8800GTS G92 is actually cheaper than that GTS 640MB.
  12. I'm wiping up the tears my 640 dripped onto my sound card because you hurt it's feelings ;)

    I get what you mean though, and honestly I'm quite surprised the G80 8800s have held up for this long. Although I think I said the same thing about my Ti4600 when that was a year or two old too.
  13. Get a g92 8800gts instead of 8800gt. It performs better at stock, and is more overclockable. $169.99 after MIR:
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