Sony DVD RW DW-U14A is not reading DVDs anymore

Sony DVD RW DW-U14A stopped reading DVDs (after many years of pretty good job). It looks like it's time to purchase a new one. However, I cannot find where I can get another Sony DVD RW DW-U14A.
Can anybody point me in a right direction please?

If Sony DVD RW DW-U14A is not available on the market anymore what device can I use instead?

Also, is it possible just to switch devices or does it require to do more than that?
(today I tried to put another unit from my other computer, and it didn't work; the computer couldn't reboot).

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I suggest you visit and look for a new DVD writer there. I also suggest you pick an LG- or Samsung-branded device. Sony may have been good with their optical drives before, but nowadays LG holds the crown.

    If you're worried about properly installing the new drive in your computer, that's worth a visit to your local technician, so that he can do it properly for you.
  2. ^1+ newegg is probably your best bet.

    i bought a nice (yet very affordable) liteon dvd/rw drive there and still have it in my case along with my bluray drive.

    its been in there for almost 2 years now. for only 20ish dollars and free shipping!!!

    <3 newegg
  3. I have a few working Sony DW-U14A DVD+-RW burners available for sale if you are interested please private message me. Thanks.
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