New System Build: Need Help With Power Supply


I'm planning on completing my first build in a few years and have a question regarding the power supply. For starters here is the parts I'm planning on using:

Antec 900
Gigabyte p35-ds3l
Wolfdale 8400 3.0ghz
Xigmatek s1283 Rifle Cooler
EVGA 8800gts (g92)
G.Skill 4gb(2x2gb) pc2-8000
Seagate 7200.11 500gb
Sony dvd/cd/rw Drive and a dvd rom drive

My question is will a 610w PC Power and Cooling power supply have enough juice to power all of this safely? As you can tell with the cpu cooler I plan on overclocking this rig. Also in a year or so when the 9000 series of nvidia cards is perfercted (a la g92s of the 8000series) I plan on upgrading to one of those cards.

I know I should probably man up and spend the extra 40-50 bucks and grab the 750w pc p&c power supply, but I'm trying to minimize costs as much as possible ;)

Oh and how does my build look? =) Thanks!
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  1. Yes, it will run that easily. PC Power PSUs are very stout. Most of the test I've seen they will exceed their specs. They used the same PSU in a Maximum PC build running same video card and a quad core with no problems. Its a great power supply. I think it is one of the best Power supplies for the money.
  2. That build will run on a quality 400w psu if you really wanted it to.
  3. I second that

    though they are ugly, an earthwatts 400w (if such a thing was still manufactured?) would have more than enough capacity.
  4. Yeah as they said, 400-450W is quite sufficient for that build. And don't worry regarding the new GPUs...cos newer GPUs generally consume lesser power than prev gen GPUs.
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