Strange 250gig Barracuda 7200.10 (SATA) problem. Need advice.

Here's the whole scene. I already had a 80gb(sata) drive and load my XP from it. I bought a seagate 250gb (ST3250310AS) drive arnd dec 2007 with 5 yrs warranty. That drive had bad sectors and frequently gave me problems so I got it replaced from seagate.

Now the replaced drive gave me a strange problem. once I connected and loaded XP it showed as unpartitioned space in disk mgmt. I opened disk mgmt after connecting the drive for the first time, tried to initialise the drive (and make it dynamic) by the popup asked by XP. The mouse showed wait sign and it just kept showing it. I guess the disk mgmt process just hanged. Anyways I tried to partition the drive with partition manager but the same thing happened. Partition mgr to hanged (I think partition mgrs also use disk mgmt utility). I went to seagate, fought with them and had it sent back.

They have now given me a drive which they claim to be replaced (Damn! I should have noted the serial number or something). I connected it to my PC and the same issue. This time I tried to analyse it using Acronis Disk director suite. Now acronis disk mgmt window would just not open when this drive is connected. If I disconnect it Acronis works merrily, but it just would not work with the 250gb drive connected.

Now is the second drive too problematic or Am I doing something wrong? Please help!
Any insight would be useful.

One thing to do would be to check it on another system but that is something I would be able to do only after 3-4 days, when I'd be heading to my hometown and get it checked by my vendor. I dont have anybody here having a PC SATA port. Is there anything I can do? Or should I just gear up for another fight with the seagate chaps!
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  1. Have you tried to use the seagate disc utilities?
  2. @Shabaa: Well not yet. I'll try that.

    Nothing else apart from that I could try? No expert opinions?
  3. do you have a floppy drive on your system?
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