Internet Explorer only works in Safe Mode.

I'm on XP.

Internet explorer only works in safe mode.

In regular mode, it keeps saying waiting for http:, then it will take 45secs to 1 min before it connects. After 5 mins, I lose connection anything online.

In safe mode, I stay connected forever, and internet explorer works.
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  1. Update*

    I'm able to manage my problem, but I have yet been able to solve it.

    I downloaded PStools.

    When running in safe mode, ran the PSlist via cmd prompt. I then did the same in regular mode.

    I compared the two lists. I started to disable everything that wasn't on the safe mode list. At this point, I suppose it's trial and error, I need to find the program that is interupting my internet process in regular mode.

    Here are the lists.

    Safe Mode:

    Uploaded with

    Regular Mode:

    Uploaded with
  2. Here are the extra programs running in regular, that do not run in safe mode.

    Obviously, one of these programs is the problem.

    nvsvc32 (nvidia tray)
    WMP300N (Linksys Wireless Adapter)
    WLTRYSVC (Broadcom Corporation Wireless Network Tray Applet)
    BCMLTRY (Broadcom Corporation Wireless Network software)
    spoolsv (printer/fax)
    jqs (java quick starter)
    wlservice (Belkin USB Wireless) - didn't know I had this?
    wscntfy (windows security center, firewall, etc.)
    alg (The alg.exe executable allows applications (such as IM clients, RTSP, BitTorrent, SIP, and FTP) from a client computer to dynamically utilize passive TCP/ UDP ports in communicating with known ports on a server)

    Any ideas? Why would one of these programs suddenly start interupting my internet in regular mode? Could one of these be a virus? I doubt I have a virus though...
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