Huge Upgrade From Geforce 6200 to Geforce 8500GT?

I am currently running in my system (which is a 3.0 Dual Core P4 w/ 2 Gig of 533Mhz DDR2 memory) a Geforce 6200 256 ram. I purchased from ebay a Geforce 8500GT with 256 ram. Model is Gigabyte.
Will I see a big upgrade in speed, performance and graphics quailty taking this big of a jump up from my former card?
Oh this is ePCI also.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Check out the charts on this site.

    4th over on the big grey bar at the top of the page
  2. Although a 8500GT isnt a very powerfull card, you should a "from water to chocolate" diference.
  3. Geforce 6200 can barely be considered a 3d card at all at this point. 8500gt is a decent budget card. Id say that upgrade makes a computer thats useless for gaming now, into a decent gamer pc. It depends on the game but for most games you should see a signifigant increase.
  4. Although you don't mention the price, I'd think for just a few bucks more you could have had an 8600 series card that is double the card that 8500 is. If you're just wanting to play WoW you'll do fine... if you were planning on a little Crysis action... umm... no.
  5. It would be like driving a Yugo then getting a Mustang type of differance.
  6. what's a Yugo?
  7. ainarssems said:
    what's a Yugo?

    Thats the point maximiza was making.
  8. Let me drive a Yugo, I have a S8 which should close to Mustang then I will now the difference. Anyway I have a 8800 GTX so it's more like Veyron or Koenigsseg or something.
  9. ainarssems said:
    what's a Yugo?

    It is an old POS built off old Fiat 127/128 designs and made in the old Yugoslavia.
  10. Sorry showing my age..
  11. You are going 3 steps up on the graphics chart. Definitely worth the upgrade!
  12. OK then. I have driven a 2000 and 2003 Fiat 126. Damn It's a cool car. You will do anybody on the lights fore like a 2m because it weights like 500 kg or something. And it's small so You can make third lane on a two lane way. And it's rear engined, and it spins wheels. And it doesn't metter if top speed is 70mph or that it brakes down twice a day- tyres cost like fiver and new gearbox 300. and it does the same milage on the tank as S8 but for the cost difference to fill up tank I can change a half of parts on Fiat 126.
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