Gaming PC won't start up

well yesterday i somehow got malware on my computer (anti malware doctor) so without knowing i needed to go into safe mode i downloaded anti malware bytes and did a scan and removed the malware after i restarted it my computer will not load windows at all. and i cant select safe mode or choose last good config because of my keyboard (g15)

so here's what i was thinking i could do

1.format the HD with another computer and reinstall XP a virus scan and remove the malware with another computer
(all done by putting the gaming pc's HD in another computer)

i need help so would any of these soultions work?
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  1. Option 1 can be done on your computer as the XP install process will ask if you want to format the disk

    Option 2 may work but your operating system will have got infected so scanning this disk by putting it into another computer is not likely to remove the infection and may put the other PC in danger

    What are you seeing when you try to chose Safe Mode ?
    You could try to repair your XP installation
  2. yea i was thinking the same thing for #2 si does the first option sound good? oh and it says windows was unable to start succufully and all that stuff
  3. If you don't have anything important on the disk I would definitely go for the rebuild

    If you do have important data you can always install a 2nd copy of XP to a different folder on the disk, boot that one (the o/s will be clean) and then copy stuff to a USB stick.

    good luck and let me know if you have any issues.
  4. :/ well it would seem i have lost my XP disc
  5. bah .... I've sent you a PM
  6. jordan009 said:
    and i cant select safe mode or choose last good config because of my keyboard (g15)

    If you are unable to control your system with a USB keyboard, I'd probably have tried to plug in a PS/2 Keyboard, or maybe if you have an USB->PS/2 adapter available, not quite sure although.

    Good luck! :)
  7. i dont think i got the PM :/ and nvm the keyboard is working fine but after XP loads it restarts itself after a few black screens
  8. Run through the malware guide in my signature.

    Do you have a recovery partition?
  9. no i do not and it's kinda hrd when XP won't load at all no safe modes will work or anything
  10. Try booting into safe mode with command prompt. Can you get to the command prompt?
  11. i will try right now and uhh how do you do command prompt?
  12. There is an option in the advanced boot menu. It's the same place you can choose to boot into safe mode. Choose safe mode with command prompt, and hopefully it will load a black DOS prompt screen in a desktop type window. If it does, you'll see the C:\ prompt. We can try running a system restore from that.
  13. i just reinstalled it ;D
  14. You reinstalled what? Windows? So you found your disc or the recovery partition?
  15. welll uh i got a spare disc from a family member
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