Looking at OC'ing e5200 as much as possible..

Hi people :hello:

i am hoping to overclock my intel e5200 to the highest it can go and was wondering what the best motherboard would be for this?? i figured getting the xfx nforce 750i SLI would be a good choice because it claims it can OC to 1800MHz fsb and ive got two 9600GSO's for SLI.

would up to 1800MHz fsb fry my e5200 that has a default 800MHz fsb @ 2.5GHz or would it pitch it over the 4GHz line easily if i had adequate cooling? (no worries about cooling, i have a thermaltake bigwater 760i and a couple of extra radiators in an xclio twin engine a380+ ready and waiting)

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  1. You're E5200 wont get to 1800 MHz fsb, unless you are really really lucky with your chip. Most E5200's have an fsb wall between 1280 and 1520. No need to worry about that.

    4 GHz is hard for the E5200, for around 3.6 GHz you'll need 1.35-1.45V depending on your chip, if you are lucky you might get 4 GHz out of it with 1.45V. Intel's max voltage for 45 nm processors is 1.3625V.

    Your cooling should be more than adequate for the E5200.
  2. Yeah, E5200 doesnt like high fsb, but that doesnt matter that much due to its high multiplier. Mine wont boot with anything higher than 330, even with 6x multi, but boots fine at 12.5x320(4ghz) at 1.42v I can load windows, play games etc and seems ok, but cant prime-test it as im still on stock cooling(lol). If you get a chip that can run stable at fsb 333 than you should be more than happy.
  3. thought I would bump this up in case anyone can comment further as I am trying to find a motherboard at NCIX.com for $112 (CA) or so that will allow me to hit 3.5 or 3.6 Ghz with an E5200 ... any help will be greatly appreciated
  4. I just recieved my E5200 today and so far have it @ 330x10.5 (3466) w/ vcore 1.2775, Have had it stable at 340 FSB. I'm using a MSI P45 Platinum and I have seen refurbished ones for ~$100, I really like the P45 chipset, MSI claims 2008 FSB on the box. Gonna keep messing with the settings to see what I can get out of this chip.
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