Is lowering the voltage of ram might be harmful?

I change the voltage of my ram from 1.95(default) to 1.8. Is these ok? because my pc always freezes. I think it might be the solution. i didnt over clock any thing in my pc. i always choose optimized defaults in bios.

is these harmful to my pc?

dual core 1.8 ghrz
gpu: sparkle 384mb ddr3 geforce 9600gso
2.6gig ram
80gig disk
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  1. lowering voltages actually save your components but what our decribing might make it worse check what voltage your ram needs at the speed its running at because it might need 2.1 not 1.8
  2. But what should i do?? I have almost same problems like this guy.
  3. firstly find out the specs of your ram you can use cpu-z and then look under memoy tab, then find out what speed they are running at, then make sure they are running at the correct voltage for that speed.

    here is my ram. do you think its ok to set it on 1.85 v from 1.95v(default settins)?
  5. 1.85 is fine all they need to operate at stock is 1.8. you need to check that its not your cpu at fault, download orthos and run for 4hours at the same time monitor your cpu temps with coretemp. if your temps reach over 70c then stop orthos and you need to buy a better cpu heatsink or reseat the one you have with some as5(artic silver 5).
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