Newbie needs help o/cing an E2200 cpu

Hi all i am a newbie to 0/cing and what some advice/help in to how i would o/c an E2200 cpu that i have just purchased. It is installed on a MS1 P6NGM mobo. I have 4 gb (2x2gb 800 mhz ddr2 )RAM installed though the system folder shows 3.18 GB Ram running at 667 mhz???-dont know why this is). I have heard some peole have o/c the E2200 to 3.2 G. Any ideas/advice would be gratefully received.
many thanks
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  1. my advice read the stickie at the top of the forum then have a go, your ram is running at 1:1 with your fsb which is 667 also you have a 32bit os which cannot use 4gb of memory.
  2. Thanks Richard especially letting me know about the 32 bit system. Is there a xp pro 64 bit os available??
  3. Yes there is 64-bit xp pro. And as for OCing e2200 the already mentioned OC guide at the top is a good place to start
  4. I don't know if XP Pro 64bit is very supportive OS with its drivers. If you have 4GB of RAM and you want to OC your processor why not go for Vista 64bit? I've been running it for a year now without a reinstall and runs as good as a fresh install.
  5. Thanks all for your advice etc- turns out one of my teenage sons mates is a successful and well practised o/c'er so it looks like he will be sorting that out for me. As for XP64 would that still run all the old software i have on my computer? Ie CUbase,photoshop etc or would i need XP64 compatible software?
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