New ECS GF7050VT-M issues

So after completely destroying a Phenom 9600 BE (What a waste, I didn't even enjoy it when it was functioning), I checked the Fry's advertisement. They were running a deal on an E8400 and some ECS board for $169.99. I immediately hopped in the car, since that was the processor I was looking at to replace it after being disappointed with AMD's new processors. So I get home after picking it up, have a hell of a time with the HSF I purchased but eventually connect everything and think I'm ready to go.

So I fire it up, run through the BIOS and check everything, make some minor changes, and save and exit. Upon entering Windows (Vista-64), my on-board USB ports failed to work, so I switched to a USB controller, which did. At that point I went to install the drivers that came with the board only two find my drive missing. I eventually copied over the set-up folder to a flash drive and upon installation was met with "This OS is not support." Manually downloading correct chipset drivers and audio drivers fails. So I'm without an IDE CD/DVD-ROM, motherboard USB driver support, ethernet, and audio drivers.

In a situation like this I would just reformat, but I'm currently in corporate housing with non of my OS software. Any suggestions? Should I just try and return the board and get a better one? I'm low on cash since I had to replace a failed PSU and now a processor.

My current set-up is:

ECS GF7050VT-M (1333 MHZ)
4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 (running at 667)
nVidia GeForce 8800 GT 512
Windows Vista 64-bit
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  1. The board supports 45nm cpu's. Make sure your bios is up to date.

    Here are the 64bit drivers:

    If possible, try a 32-bit OS. If that won't work, return the only board.
  2. I bought the Fry's combo of this MB and a Q9450. It works BUT will lock up EVERY time when I install any PCIe video card and I have tried three. The only thing I can think of is that with its on-board video, there is a conflict and I cannot figure out how to fix.....

    I have spent 12+ hours on this with several re-installs of Windows XP, differnt RAM, other video cards and the like BUT it will lock up within a minute or so after it boots up and I am in Windows XP.

    Any suggestions?
  3. Could be a weak power supply.
  4. o1die said:
    Could be a weak power supply.

    Is this for my issue? If it is, darn it, I hadn't thought of that and will try it but the PS is a solid one (supposedly)....

    PS I just went and checked it and its an ANTEC 430 Watt Earth....PS and might have been a replacement but cannot recall as I have dicked with this for months now.
  5. I probably ought to start another thread as I have two ECS MB's with problems.

    The GF7050VT-M is the one I CANNOT get the PC to work when I try to use either a Visiontek (4850) or EVGA GT* **** video card, the system will boot into Windows XP, run for anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes and then totally lock up where nothing works - neither the mouse or keyboard.

    I have to power off and take out the video card in order for it to work and it will only work with the onboard video from the MB. Does anyone have any suggestions for this issue?

    I have had several say to disable the onboard video BUT MAYBE I am NOT doing it properly and would require some explicit instructions to do so....???

    Thank you in advance!

    PS For my other MB PC - it is a ECS G31T-M with a Q6600 CPU, I just did install a new ANTEC 500 Earthwatts PS and it ran for 20 minutes before it all of a sudden rebooted. My son was playing Fallout when this happened...
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