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I'm interested in some testing software options.

In the past it was alway prime95, but it doesn't load both cores, so I've been running prime 95 set to 1 core, then fire up furrendering to load up the other core a little and add some heat from the graphics card to the mix.

While testing the new CPU, I keept getting several
maximum number of warnings exceeded.
torture test ran 13 or 14 minutes - 0 errors, 100 warnings

between the failure to fully load and the goofy error results, I'd be interested in a new torture program. any ideas?
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  1. Orthos is a good option, theres also a new release of Prime95 that stresses dual (and I assume quad) cores.
  2. Update your Prime95. It will test duel and quad cores now.
  3. I updated. and no more errors with the update either
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