Intel faces "massive" EU censure

Giving rebates for exclusivity and subsidising integrators advertising is a bit naughty thou to be honest...

"EU INVESTIGATORS have decided that Intel has been a very naughty chip maker and will hand it a severe spanking when the verdict is delivered in late summer, according to the FT Deutschland.

Citing sources in Brussels, the paper says Intel will be forced to stop offering customers rebates in return for exclusivity. The firm will also have to stop subsidising retailers' advertising, which could mean the end of its boing bingly-bing-bong annoyance at the end of such ads.

The punishment Intel is in line to receive will be one the most severe in the EU's history, the paper said.

According to the report, EU commissioner Neelie Kroes has already made her mind up, and the lady is not for turning.

After months of investigations into Intel's business practices, Eurocrats have enough evidence to throw the book at Intel, it appears. They will now spend the summer adding weight to that book.

A shocked Intel in the US promised us a comment once its senior spinners awake."

(Actually this is a real story with a link to the financial times Deutschland. If you can read German, it checks out as a good summary of the original.)
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  1. Intel should give the money to Amd to help start the race again.
  2. thunderman beat you by more than three hours.

    Delete this crap and post in his ... er .. crap thread.

    Sorry spoonboy ... the wife just beat me up so I had to take it out on someone.
  3. I believe the Inq is gunning for sensationalism once again. Its too early, tho the mention of the lady in the article and her past just may play a role for some truth to this, but its too early for now
  4. +1 for non thunderman thread. Go baby go!
  5. Not sure if any of this will be of help to AMD. OK, Intel broke some rules, but AMD hasn't been advertising its chips much, if at all. Mostly, AMD seem to be do damage control for some of its failures, while trying to cut expenses before it bleeds dry. And that comes from a 7 year AMD fan who switched to an Intel chip a couple months ago.
  6. So no ads for cpus at all in europe. LOL Sounds fair LOL
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