Sunbeam core contact freezer thermal paste question

Hey, I got a sunbeam core contact freezer and in the manual it says you have to apply "twice amount than usual because of the unique base design." of the tx-2 thermal grease (which was included). How much is twice as much? Also, if anyone has this cooler could you tell me how much you put on? Thanks. (i'm using an intel q6600 and a evga 750i ftw if it matters)
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  1. It has exposed heatpipes right? Put a thin line down each heatpipe, thinnn, don't smooth it out. Thats what I see peeps do with these types and get good results.

    Let us know!
  2. ^+1 to conundrum.

    some people say spread some TIM in the gaps between the heatpipes, then put a line or spread some over the heatpipes etc.

    the way the cooler is designed, if you put a thin lin down each of the pipes, any excess is squished into the aforementioned gaps when you seat it.

    when applying TIM, too much can be just as harmful as too little. so this design is very well optimized in my opinion to ensure just the right amount of TIM is making contact between the pipes and the IHS.

    sorry for the wall of text... hope that helped
  3. I've seen many Posts on other forum and many website saying that you should apply the thermal paste on the CPU evenly with a rasor blade. Is that a good way to do it?
  4. i disagree. its different for HDT coolers, although many people don't realise that..
  5. Huttfuzz said:
    I've seen many Posts on other forum and many website saying that you should apply the thermal paste on the CPU evenly with a rasor blade. Is that a good way to do it?
    That's what I do and I have had excellent results with the Xigmatek S1283. I also use the backplate, which is mandatory IMO.

    Whether you use a razorblade or a credit card is up to you.

    If your using IC Diamond 7 Carat TIM I would go with the razorblade, it's a little sticky.
  6. Ok i think i'll try that, but i like the method Datman II showed. My only concern is the Sunbeam is not the same as the Xiggy. The space between the heatpipes is a bit more closed so you couldn't put some thermal compound in between.
  7. It's not a big deal, don't loose any sleep over it. Most of the heat transfer is going directly to the exposed heatpipes. The base is more for holding it together and allowing a way to clamp it to the mobo.
  8. epic sigh
  9. About what? C'mon spit it out.

    If it's about whether you pack the gaps with TIM, then it's not a big deal.

    I just installed an S1283 w/ backplate on a Q6600 w/ a VID of 1.3V OCed @ 3G. The Prime95 small FFT temps in Core Temp were 49,49,47,47 or 47,47,45,45. I can't remember exactly it was about 3 weeks ago, but definitely under 50. I don't believe that they could be any lower no matter what I did. I only coated the IHS with a thin film of AS5 and bolted it together.

    I know, those temps are ridiculously low, I had trouble believing my eyes.
  10. Just installed one of these coolers for my E6750 (base 2.66) using the supplied Tuniq grease. After trying the "thin down 4 pipe method" the first time, I ended up using too much grease.

    Remove, repeat, but this time I pre-spread the grease over the entire base using the "top of the Tuniq grease outer packaging" spread tight between my fingers. (Equivalent to a razor blade.)

    As of this moment, I'm Prime testing the overclock at 3.1 Ghz. Speedfan has reported a max Cpu temperature of 55c.

    Due to having a 680i lt MB, my overclock limit will be my "safety limit" for the NB on the MB, as it runs very warm.
  11. Quote:
    Hmm, i just use a sandwhich bag over my finger and spread it out thin with that, temps are fine. Don't trust the pressure way.

    Of course, I don't get load temps like that, 10C higher here.
    I've never used the sandwich bag, but I heard it works well. My TR 120 Ultra Extreme gets ~7-10C higher. I don't even think I can get those temps if I lap it. Although I'm using an old case so the case cooling isn't as good.
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