3D Mark Vantage Entry Test Issues

I just benchmarking my system with 3DMark Vantage however, I passed the Performance and High test but can't pass the Entry test. The app keep showing message that 'failed to render vertex or something and the background script adobe flash 9 run slow and do you like to keep the app continue to run or not...blah..blah' :pt1cable: even though I don't install Adobe Flash 9

What is seem to be a problem here? Anyone would help? Thx.
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  1. Go install adobe flash 9, as a guess.
  2. hi, im a first time every thing here. Q. how do u read the benchmark , to know what is good from bad? cause i have that great of a system,and i got like 9000 adv. and 21000 adv. ( cant remember clearly).
    another question. can i run 4x4gb ram: will it read? any recommendations?? plz help.

    win: 7 ultimate
    mobo : nf980-g65
    process: phenom II x 4
    ram: 2gb corsair
    psu: 1200w cooler master
    hd: 500gb( + additional ones for storage)
    video: 3 gforce 9800gt (2 in sli & 1 by itself)
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