VPN and LAN.

I ordinarily use a VPN connection to get into my work network and run our software. This works perfectly well. The downside is that if I am multitasking with open browser windows, etc, the web browsing and downloading of files for personal use, all happens through the VPN connection, and will at some point slow down the work network.
I now have a MB with 2 gigabit network ports. I'd like for one to be used for the VPN and the other to use my regular network for web surfing, etc.
Is there any way to arrange such a thing? I can't figure how to do it.
I'm running vista 64 bit if that is of help.
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  1. Check if your VPN Client has an option for 'split tunnels'. With split tunnels disabled, all traffic goes through the VPN, when enabled, net traffic goes directly to the Internet.

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