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hello there

I recently decided to do a major overhaul of my computer, essentially replacing everything except my hard drive and cd-rom. I installed everything and naturally i want to format my hard drive and start fresh. here lies the problem. when i attempt to boot from cd (i've resorted to disable everything in the boot menu except for my cd rom), i receive this message: "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key". if i have my harddrive enabled in the boot menu it will boot up as usual. i am able to run windows (although obviously this is not an option because my hardware was entirely overhauled). and in windows i can recognize the windows xp cd being in the drive, but only if i insert the disk after xp has started up, if the disk is already in the drive on boot up it does not detect anything.

this is a legit copy of windows home edition and i have booted from it before.

relevant hardware:
asus p5q-e motherboard
both my cd-drive and hard drive are running on one IDE cable, my hard drive set as master, cd-drive set as slave

any ideas?
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  1. so i switched my cd drive to master and hd to slave and i can now get to the windows set up screen. after all of the set up files load i come to the but when i come to the windows xp home edition setup screen (3 optsions, enter to set up xp, r to go to the recovery console and quit with f3), it seems like my keyboard is frozen.

    when the set up files are loading i can turn num lock on and off, but once i get to the set up screen it freezes
  2. Try to make sure usb keyboard support(it may be under a different name) is on. see if that helps.

    Normally you do not want your hard drive and CD on the same channel, but i guess you cant avoid it this time. next time you upgrade get a SATA DVD or HDD.
  3. yeah i was thinking having them on the same IDE cable would be troublesome.

    would i be better off upgrading to a sata hard drive or cd-drive? i'm assuming hard drive
  4. I built a system with hard drive and DVD on the same channel, there is just a possible performance hit when accessing both at the same time.

    is your XP one with the latest SP?
  5. no its an sp1 cd, old school
  6. that should still have most bugs(related to installing) worked out of it.

    does it still just hang there even with usb keyboard on?
  7. Make sure that your USB devices are enable in the BIOS, and USB keyboard support is enabled.
    There is nothing at all wrong with having your CD and hard drive on the same cable. Just make sure the hard drive is is on the end of the cable and set to "master" and the CD is on the upper connector, and set to "slave".
    Old performance buffs will tell you to put the 2 drives on seperate cables, with both of them set to "master" if you have 2 IDE controller plug ins on the motherboard, which most new boards do not.
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