Auzen Prelude in Vista 64

...buddy of mine needs a soundcard.

A couple of ??s

I was considering giving him one of my X-Fi's (Fatal1ty Pro, to be precise) and getting an Auzen Prelude to replace it. The X-Fi works great in Vista64 for me with Creative's latest drivers, so I'll not bash them unnecessarily as is the vogue nowadays.

Is the Auzentech Prelude a good upgrade for a Vista64 platform from an X-Fi? ...or should I stick with the X-Fi...or would I be better off with a Asus Xonar? TBH, I enjoy Creative's software console but I think the Prelude uses the same thing. Doe the Xonar...

1) Sound as good, work as well in Vista64?
2) Have an equally usable software interface in Vista64?
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  1. They are all pretty much equal. X-Fi's perform better usually. Why not get your buddy a X-Fi XtremeGamer, last time I checked they were $60.99 after $30 rebate. I believe free shipping too, from Newegg. That way you can keep your X-Fi.
  2. The Prelude from reviews it supposedly a little nicer when repoducing music through quality speaker system. This is due to the higher quality OPAMPS and other components used in the Prelude. However, it supposedly falls behind a little in EAX duties. Prelude will have DDL, where current creative product i believe you need to pay for that priveldge. The Xonar is not up to either the Prelude of X-fi in music or EAX situations (only emulates EAX 4 and 5).

    Personally id take on pcgamer12's suggestion and just get a X-fiGamer for you mate and stick with what you got
  3. Okeydoke, I'll stick with what I've got and perhaps get him an XtremeGamer.
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