Inserting blank DVD changes DVD-RAM drive to CD-ROM drive

Hi everyone. I have this consistent problem with my Lite-On DVD-Ram drive(mult-tasking drive). When I insert a blank DVD-R into the drive it changes to a CD-ROM drive in My Computer. Using Nero to burn with is telling me the wrong reads as to burning (i.e. 70MB =70GB. What I have tried is updating the firmware, used a FixIt tool by Microsoft to delete upper & lower classes in registry & check on if the logged on user can burn at WINLOGON in reg.. The last thing that I tried was in My Computer under CD/DVD drive Properties to remove the check mark from "Enable CD recording on this drive. This did change from having to reboot every time to just ejecting the blank DVD for it to change back to DVD-RAM drive. Just started over a couple weeks ago. Could burn CD's/DVD's with no problems. Haven't had any updates that would explain this behavior nor have I installed any new burning software. Have seen where many others have same problem but their solutions will not work on mine. Does anyone know the answer to this annoying problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Check the cables to ensure the connections are tight.

    Given everything you've listed, the only other thing I can think of is to try different media. Sometimes ROMs don't certain or generic brands of media.
  2. hi chunkymonster. Thank you for your suggestion, but I did check those. Also, I have burned with this same media. I't's about a 3 month old drive, but I'm not ruling that out. Have heard many are experiencing trouble when it comes to these Multi-Recorders. Should of gotten 2 drives that combimed would do what this one does. Thank...gwb56
  3. Please mind that many, many people are having the exact same problem. I did a fresh OS install on a fresh HDD and still had the same problem I tried 3 different(brand new) burners (2 IDE and 1 SATA)....same problem. I updated firmware for burners, updated bios for MOBO, tweaked my upper and lower filters. Funny, the only internet connection I made was to Microsoft to reactivate OS.????
    I am using the same burning software that I've been using for years and, it will no longer burn DVDs. My BIOS recognize the drive correctly (DVD_RW) but, as soon as I put in a blank DVD...........BAM!!! I have a CD ROM drive. How is this possible with a fresh install and a new HDD and all the other stuff. I give up.
  4. Hi! Same problem for me, and it is definitely not a hardware problem: Under "My computer" the drive is listed as a DVD-RAM drive, but when I insert a new medium, it becomes "CD-ROM drive", and it won't burn.

    I had this trouble with an internal DVD-Ram drive at first, but then I tried it with an external (USB) burner that (still) works fine on my notebook. My OS is Win XP SP3.

    Therefore, it is for sure some OS setting that makes things go wrong. My only idea at the moment: I tweaked around with the autorun/autoplay settings in the last days. Maybe something went wrong there. If I find a definite answer, I'll report back.
  5. any news on this
    any way to fix it ?. i agree it must be some settings in
    the registry

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