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Hi folks

I’m trying to get the cmd ipconfig working on a Vista laptop, can’t seem to get it working. I am launching the cmd as admin. Inserting “ipconfig /all” shows my settings for maybe one second after I hit enter, and then it shows a long list of “Tunnel adapter Local Area Connections*109:” all the way down to “Tunnel adapter Local Area Connections*184 Media Disconnected”. Anyone have any idea whats up?

System info: Vista Home Premium / X86 – Version 6.0.6001 SP1 / Build 6001

Thanks in advance...............
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  1. Ok click on “ start” button
    Select “all Programs”
    Select “Accessories”
    Select “Command Prompt”
    Inside the Command prompt window
    Type in your command

    Ipconfig /all

    You should be able to use the scroll bar to see all values

    To end simply click on the X in the corner
  2. Clif if you read my post properly you will see Quote from above: "I am launching the cmd as admin". Anyway thanks for your help "To end simply click on the X (on your browser) in the corner".....................
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