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Ok I have oc'd my e8400 to 4.5 ghz and so far, its idling at 37 C.

When I prime95 it, however, it gives me a blue screen after about 2-3 minutes. The max temps are around 60.

Vcore - 1.425
nb - 1.25
fsb - 500

My last stable was with stock cooler(4.1 ghz). I had around 75C on 100% load.

With my zalman installed, basically everything idles at 37C, and temps never go above 70. Max I have seen my cpu go is around 61(4.5).

Any help?

I have

Zalman cnps9700 led
asus p5q-pro
500gb hdd
550w antec truepower trio
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  1. Well, you have exceeded Intels max voltage recomendation, but that's personal choice.

    I've got mine running at 4.0 GHz (500X8) @1.280 Volts, 56 C Max.

    The only thing I can say is your NB voltage is a little bit low for that FSB your running. I've needed 1.4 volts for mine to stabilize. Also you didn't mention anything about your ram and if it was overclocked.
  2. 1.425 seems real high for an 8400. what was your vcore at 4.1 ghz? I have an 8400 too, but i was alway told not to exceed what intel says is the max vcore that you should use, which for the e8400 is 1.365 volts. I think you may just be pushing your chip over its limits.
  3. vcore was 1.4 for 4.1 ghz.

    I mean, it doesnt crash when playing games, just in prime
  4. Well, I agree with RJR: try raising your NB voltage a notch and see if that helps. You are pushing that chip real hard makin it run at 4.5ghz on 1.425v though, it may just not be able to take it.
    I can't get mine to stabilize above 3.6 ghz, but i have a crap chip. Be happy that you can hit 4.1!
  5. i never primed on 4.1

    also, is vcore cpu voltage? i always thought so

    i tried vcore(cpu voltage) at 1.3, and computer froze right away after bios.

    its working at 1.4.

    i'll try raising nb voltage
  6. Do you have an E8400 (E0) or (C0) ????
  7. nope, i raised my nb volt to 1.4 and it does the same thing.

    and rjr, its E0

    my temps are fine, i just dont know whats goin on. lol
  8. You shouldn't need that much voltage with an E0!!!

    What do you have your ram set at??
  9. idk, i have everything on auto
  10. Major problem!!! You can't get an OC like that at Auto settings.

    You need to set most of your settings manually at there lowest settings and work your way up from the bottom so you know what needs to be increased.

    IE, if you have DDR2-800 ram and a FSB of 500 your ram is now running at DDR2-1000 and not many can do that.
  11. how do i know if my ram is doing ok?
  12. What ram do you have?? DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 2.0v (example)
  13. OK, first remove the ONE stick and leave the matched set in (in the correct slots).

    Then go into the bios and set the memory to manual and put in 5-5-5-18 and what ever voltage this ram requires.

    Then set the multiplier lower (6-7) so your Cpu doesn't OC to much (oh yeh lower you vcore to 1.3625) and then start at 410 MHz FSB and slowly increase to find out how far you can push your ram. Keep it at 1:1.

    Once you know how far your ram will go you will know how high you can OC your computer. Get DDR2-1066 and then the 500 FSB won't be a problem.

    Good luck and have fun.
  14. matched ram = same colored slots?
  15. You got it.

    Once you get a max on your ram you can bring the multi back up and set the vcore (if needed) and you should be good to go.
  16. 1 question.

    whats wrong with the other 2 gigs(1 stick)?

    and actually, i had the wrong ram posted above.

    its this version


  17. If you had two sticks nothing. You should only be using matched Ram sticks (DDR2). It will work in there but the computer won't like overclocking it. Best bet is to only use the exact same ram in 2 or all slots. You can leave it in if you like and find out how far all can be pushed but it probably won't be very good. You'll probably do alot better with just the matched set. Try both and see.
  18. Set bios for 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1V, then when it fails try loosening the timing a little to 5-5-5-15 (18) and see how far you can get. I don't think you will get to DDR2-1000 but might get close.
  19. well, doesnt work when i set it 4-4-4-12

    5-5-5-18 works though, and i think its been set that as auto

    edit: i maxed out both

    on 4-4-4-12, it seems like the max it could go is 3.9 ghz

    on 5-5-5-18, max is 4.44 ghz. 4.45 and it freezes on prime95. 4.44 does not freeze on prime95. weird
  20. Now run blend test, so it stresses both your Cpu and Ram for 12+ hours and if you don't get any errors your good to go.
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