Intel IDT Audio skipping with Dolby Digital Live

I can't for the life of me figure this out, and it's a huge issue with my HTPC. My audio skips randomly, like it's dragging because it can't keep up, when the PC is connected to the Panny SA-XR digital receiver with an Optical Cable and dolby digital live is enabled. It happens as often as 30 seconds continuously, or as rarely as every few minutes.

I have an Intel DG965WH media edition motherboard with newest IDT drivers. The sound works fine when it is routed through ATI HD2400's HDMI out. The sound skips for everything, including DVDs, MP3s, and other videos, with all players including DVD software, WMP, Winamp, and MPC.

It's definitely an issue with the optical connection, and it's more evident with Dolby Digital Live. In PCM Stereo mode, it still skips but not as relentlessly. The cable works perfectly with other devices.

System Specs
DG965WH, latest bios
Celeron 460
HD2400 /w HDMI audio
Windows XP MCE /w SP2

If you have anything that I could try, I would truly appreciate the help. I've tried several versions of bios and sound drivers, with or without IDT Audio Studio.
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  1. I (as sooo many others) have the same problem. It definitely seems to be a software issue. Some people said they were able to use REALTEK drivers to replace the IDT drivers. That didn't work for me (though I should try more alternative drivers), but in the meantime, turning off jack-monitoring has made a WORLD of difference. In fact, so far with my first test file, I've only heard like 2 blips, while that same file was intolerable to listen to before when it was skipping so badly.

    Hope that helps, if you haven't figured out your solution already.
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