Connecting 7800GT to Inspiron 530 - no PCI-e power OR 4 pin

:fou: so, I guess I split off to a SATA right? split from my optical drive with a SATA to a 4 pin then use my 4 pin to PCI-e power convertor? Thats a helluva daisy chain.
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  1. yep, lol ouch.
  2. its not going to cause a problem right? the sata can handle it?
  3. riddlen said:
    its not going to cause a problem right? the sata can handle it?

    [:mousemonkey:2] It would be better if there was some way that you could give the card a dedicated power line rather than having it share one with another device.
  4. Get a new PSU
  5. Yeah get a new PSU. PC Power and cooling makes ones as dell replacements
  6. You dont need a new psu...

    The one in the dell can power a 8800gt ffs...

    You just need a sata 2 molex adaptor..
  7. dos1986 said:

    ok, makes sense, but then I need to go from there to PCI-e. I am looking at that adatper:

    $2 + $8 s/h then I need a pci-e to molex cable such as this except I actually need female

    $3 + $6 s/h

    thats $20. I am 1/2 wat to a power supply with a dedicated 6pin PCI-e line. :dunno:
  8. riddlen said:
    is that one necessary? There are other options cheaper

  9. Or you get this cable..

    I agree with you a new power supply for $40 is a better investment
  10. I don't trust a 300W stock PSU on a 8800GT card. But hey that's just my opinion, and opinions are just my thought's on it.

    As far as the other PSU upgrades, I would just caution to make sure it will 1)fit the stock psu area and 2) have the same pin outs on the mobo connectors. I have tried to replace the stock psu on a few brand name pc's in the past only to find that their mobo pinouts are a little different. They may not be in this case, just a word to the wise, CHECK. If they are the same, hey go for it. That Antec Earthmuffin PSU should be ok or the thermaltake.
  11. thank you all for the data, just the discussion I needed to make my decision
  12. Come on, how much power could a 7800GT take? You could SLI them under a 350-watt power supply, I don't see anything wrong with a daisy chain.
  13. Comming from a Dell 521 owner w/305w psu (backup system)
    Yes it can, but for how long?
    7800GT you would be ok with (20w less than 8800GT)
    You can with the sata to molex adapter.
    But for piece of mind why not spend $35 for a 30amp/80% efficient psu with the dedicated pcie x16?
  14. holy crap that's a good deal for that unit. :O. Go for it. :P
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